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BREAKING NEWS: senator john mccain has brain cancer, who would have thought? Bet you he goes to radiation then chemotherapy, then he will DIE: justice for all that he murdered! Do it you scumwad singing canary mccain, get radiated! Take that piece of garbage, your wife lindsey graham with you, to hell.

1. The time has come to start arresting the SWAMP CREATURES in our Capital and in Washington D.C. Start by arresting scumbag barrack hussein obama for TREASON, james comey LIAR and LEAKER, jon brennan TRAITOR, james klapper TRAITOR, john mccain TRAITOR TREASON (mccain helped murder thousands of Christians in the middle east supporting isis). Time to in prison these scumbags and their obama obutthole deep state pieces of garbage! schumer, pelosi .....the scum is everywhere!

2. The time has come to evict the fake news media liars from any and all press conferences. Kick out the CNN MSNBC NPR ABC CBS BBC (Huffington Post POOP) New York Times Washington Post "Rags" and many other SCUMBALL FAKE LYING NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS!! KICK THE MORONS OUT!!!

3. The time has come to arrest the soros crime syndicate and freeze all bank accounts associated. FOR TREASON!!!

4. Arrest the clinton family, slick willie the rapist, the lying hag hillary and the web hubble daughter chelsea. Lock them up, seize all clinton foundation money, bank accounts, etc etc. ARREST ARREST ARREST THESE SCUMBALLS!!!! ,

5. Liberal rage and hatred, arrest Hollywood scumballs for inciting VIOLENCE!!! Suck an egg Hollywood!

6. REPEAL that stupid obamacare affordable care act. More scum mcconnell, ryan and many other deep state repugs and demoncrats!

7. Hehehehehe........ the table has turned, The Time For Justice has come. Bang bang shoot 'em' up, 123....

Going to the Doctor may be hazardous to your HEALTH!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make the beast drink it....

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on Doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs with no CURE? Oh yeah, you feel just GREAT doing all that synthetic medicine pain reliever stuff, blood thinner garbage....yeah, more DRUGS MAN!! But, when the effects wear off.... ah man, MORE DRUGS!!! Can you believe all the ads thrown at you when watching television? It never ends, the GREED of big Pharmaceutical companies! Oh, but the ads are so pretty, it has to be the cure and or work .....hehehehe, money money!.

Doctors can set broken bones but they have no interest in CURING anything. The BIG money is selling you synthetic drugs!

So, you have cancer, diabetes or some other so called Doctor described disease? Of course the power of subliminal false messages that surround everyone from television to radio to the internet effects the health of many. For example: CANCER is because you have to much ACID in your system. Turmeric, what's that used for? (of course the Doctor won't tell you). You'll never see a Doctor with Cancer going through all that hospital radiation chemotherapy stuff, they know it's all a CON JOB to get your MONEY.

Would you like to WIN over on the many type diseases that DOCTORS try to brainwash you into believing you have? Would you like to TALK to someone on the telephone who has the PRODUCT and KNOWLEDGE to CURE you? WHAT CAN YOU LOOSE? Your Doctor does not give a damn whether you get well or not.

Here is the phone number and the place to go, click here.

Ah, who cares whether you live or die. Shoot, who cares, do you? Really though, you had the Doctor remove your gall bladder, oh that's just great. Next time you have a headache, just have your head removed. That's a simple deduction huh?

And while I have the floor and all, I have this to say: Our Public Schools are nothing but Institutions of PROPAGANDA and INDOCTRINATION that the Globalist have managed to insert into the education system. And the imagination of the young school people is being deleted. ARREST THE SCUMBAG DEMOCRATS THAT HAVE SOLD OUT TO GLOBALISM, ARREST ARREST ARREST the pieces of garbage!!!

Again.....hehehehe, President Donald J. Trump, The Greatest U.S. President in American History!

twitter twitter, tweet tweet.....hehehehe
"Rockin' Robin" song Leon René Jimmie Thomas Bobby Day 1958

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